to my photographic website, which has been constructed to enable me to share my large collection of railway and bus photographs with other enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts!).

David Ive (DjI)


Late Summer Update

Posted by DjI

Both the "2018 Railway Pictures" and "2018 Bus & Tram Pictures" galleries updated with a variety of pictures from July and August.

Another July Update

Posted by DjI

The backlog is cleared! Having uploaded all the railway pictures a few days ago, it is now the turn of the buses. New pictures of buses in a variety of liveries from Devon and the Midlands in the 2018 Bus & Tram Pictures gallery.

Latest Images Added

  • 68008 and 168005 Marylebone2018_08_25_8434_www.jpg
  • 707024 Vauxhall2018_08_25_8432_www.jpg
  • 707004 Vauxhall2018_08_25_8421_www.jpg
  • Scania Metropolitans2018_08_19_8369_www.jpg
  • Birmingham Standard 2489 2018_08_19_8363_www.jpg
  • Manchester Corporation 37062018_08_19_8362_www.jpg

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