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David Ive (DjI)


September Update

Posted by DjI

Another varied selection of photos in the 2019 Railway and Bus galleries. The buses are at a Rally to celebrate 100 years of Devon General. The trains feature a Railtour on the Met/GC line and several pictures from a trip to Northern Ireland, plus a few others.

August: Finally....an update

Posted by DjI

After the good weather, and some technical problems, the promised update is here.....

Big updates to the 2019 Railways and Buses galleries with all sorts, including passenger trains, freight trains, luxury trains, steam trains (standard and narrow gauge), semaphore signals, and buses in a multitude of liveries.

Please browse and enjoy!

Latest Images Added

  • NIR Class 4000 class dmus Whitehead 2019_09_06_9663_www.jpg
  • NIR Class 4000 class dmu Castlerock 2019_09_05_9627_www.jpg
  • NIR Class 3000 class dmu Downhill2019_09_05_9623_www.jpg
  • NIR Class 3000 class dmu Downhill2019_09_05_9622_www.jpg
  • NIR Class 4000 class dmu Portrush 2019_09_04_9570_www.jpg
  • NIR Class 4000 class dmu Coleraine 2019_09_04_9560_www.jpg

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