to my photographic website, which has been constructed to enable me to share my large collection of railway and bus photographs with other enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts!).

David Ive (DjI)


Early July Update

Posted by DjI

Updates to, both, the 2024 Railways Gallery and the 2024 Bus & Tram Gallery. A couple of diesel hauled excursions in the former and some buses and light rail in Mauritius in the latter.

Late June Update

Posted by DjI

Some rail images from a trip to South Wales, with a good variety of trains, uploaded to the 2024 Railways gallery.

Latest Images Added

  • Triolet Bus Service Ltd Mauritius20240516_125824_www.jpg
  • Triolet Bus Service Ltd 156 Mauritius 20240516_121612_www.jpg
  • CAF 100-3 Mauritius20240515_130528_www.jpg
  • LSL D1924 (47810) 47712 Teignmouth2024_06_29_012_www.jpg
  • GBRf 50007 50049 Teignmouth2024_06_29_003_www.jpg
  • TfW 153914 Newport2024_06_25_028_www.jpg

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