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David Ive (DjI)


Early June Update

Posted by DjI

It has been a busy start to the month on the Railways of the South West, so several new additions to the 2024 Railways Gallery. These include steam and diesel railtours, including one wth the mighty "Western Champion", a visit to the 2024 Diesel Festival on the WSR, and a highly unusual event on a China Clay train.

Early May Update

Posted by DjI

A busy few days with stream and diesel railtours through Dawlish, so additions to the 2024 Railways Gallery have been made.

Latest Images Added

  • HNRC 37607 Dawlish2024_06_11_003_www.jpg
  • 66025 Dawlish2024_06_10_008_www.jpg
  • HNRC 37607 Powderham2024_06_08_012_www.jpg
  • HNRC 37607 Powderham2024_06_08_004_www.jpg
  • D182 Blue Anchor2024_06_06_041_www.jpg
  • 20142 and 20189 Blue Anchor 2024_06_06_036_www.jpg

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