to my photographic website, which has been constructed to enable me to share my large collection of railway and bus photographs with other enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts!).

David Ive (DjI)


Early May Update

Posted by DjI

A busy few days with stream and diesel railtours through Dawlish, so additions to the 2024 Railways Gallery have been made.

Another Mid-April Update

Posted by DjI

To paraphrase a bus colloquialism, "You wait ages for an update and 2 come together". Another update to the 2024 Bus & Tram and Railway galleries, with images from a short trip away to west Cornwall.

Latest Images Added

  • 37518 37668 Cockwood2024_05_04_011_www.jpg
  • WCRC 37668 and 37518 Dawlish Warren2024_05_04_005_www.jpg
  • 34046 “Braunton” Dawlish Warren2024_05_04_002_www.jpg
  • LSL D1935/47805 Dawlish2024_05_03_015_www.jpg
  • LSL 47712 Dawlish2024_05_02_005_www.jpg
  • First Kernow 33309 St Ives2024_04_22_045_www.jpg

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