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David Ive (DjI)


Late August Update

Posted by DjI

A varied update this time, with images of Buses and Trains added to the, respective, 2023 galleries. Buses in West Sussex, Hampshire, and Devon, including a vintage one. Passenger and freight trains, all in Devon.

August Update: Goodbye CDA wagons

Posted by DjI

New images added to the 2023 Railways Gallery, featuring the penultimate day in service of the unique Type CDA hopper wagons, which have served the Cornwall China Clay Industry for 35 + years. Also, an Engineering train at Dawlish.

Latest Images Added

  • Devon General Admiral Blake Dawlish20230822_205047_www.jpg
  • Stagecoach 18397 Teignmouth2023_08_22_016_www.jpg
  • Solent 37581 Gosport2023_08_17_004_www.jpg
  • Stagecoach South 19882 West Wittering 2023_08_17_002_www.jpg
  • DBC 66190 Dawlish2023_08_26_008_www.jpg
  • DBC 66190 Dawlish2023_08_26_007_www.jpg

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