to my photographic website, which has been constructed to enable me to share my large collection of railway and bus photographs with other enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts!).

David Ive (DjI)


Mid April Update

Posted by DjI

Better weather and more images added, some to a new Gallery. A couple of images of a Pullman and a freight in the 2024 Railways Gallery and some colourful bus images from Somerset in a new 2024 Bus & Tram Pictures Gallery.

Early April Update

Posted by DjI

A small update with one image added to the 2024 Railways Gallery, featuring a "Hastings" unit on a Railtour

Latest Images Added

  • First 33564 Taunton2024_04_16_033_www.jpg
  • First 67710 Taunton2024_04_16_029_www.jpg
  • First 33560 Taunton2024_04_16_028_www.jpg
  • First 35671 35143 WSM2024_04_16_013_www.jpg
  • First 35119 WSM2024_04_16_008_www.jpg
  • Freightliner 59101 Marlands2024_04_18_007_www.jpg

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