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David Ive (DjI)


Last Update of 2021....?

Posted by DjI

A small update to the 2021 Railways Gallery with a steam special in the Chilterns and a Parcels train and a Liner train on the WCML.

December Update

Posted by DjI

A wide and varied update with pictures of trains, trams and buses from Devon to Blackpool, via Oxford and the Chilterns. All taken in late November and early December, and uploaded to the relevant 2021 Galleries.

Latest Images Added

  • 66563 Cheddington 2021_12_17_014_www.jpg
  • 57312 Orion Cheddington2021_12_17_009_www.jpg
  • Stagecoach South Devon 19001 Dawlish2021_11_14_011_www.jpg
  • Blackpool "Balloon Car" 7182021_11_27_066_www.jpg
  • Blackpool "Balloon Car" 7172021_11_27_049_www.jpg
  • Blackpool "Balloon Car" 7172021_11_27_042_www.jpg

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