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David Ive (DjI)


Late May Update

Posted by DjI

More new images in the "2021 Railway Pictures" gallery, including a sad picture of a Class 442 going for scrap and a busy scene at Calvert.

More 80s Images added

Posted by DjI

Some more 1980s Railway images added to the gallery of the same name.

Latest Images Added

  • Cheddington 732132021_05_28_011_www.jpg
  • Cheddington 66783 "The Flying Dustman" + 73212 + 442402 + 442420 + 732132021_05_28_006_www.jpg
  • Calvert 66020 66113 66006 2021_05_27_007_www.jpg
  • Class 31 Falsgrave 11_189_84_www.jpg
  • Class 25 Wigston South Junction 11_113_84_www.jpg
  • Class 86 Manchester Pullman Watford Junction 08_034_82_www.jpg

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