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David Ive (DjI)


Another (small) September update

Posted by DjI

A single picture added to the 2020 Railways Gallery. GBRf 66789 in its British Rail "Large Logo" livery

September Update

Posted by DjI

An update to add some pictures from a visit to Devon at the end of August 2020. New images in the 2020 Rail and Bus galleries.

Steam, vintage diesel, and modern diesel, plus some buses near water.

Latest Images Added

  • 66789 Cow Roast2020_09_12_02_www.jpg
  • Black 5 No. 44871 Dawlish 2020_08_30_07_www.jpg
  • Locomotive Services Ltd. D1944 and D1935 Dawlish Warren 2020_08_28_03_www.jpg
  • Colas 70812 Dawlish2020_08_26_05_www.jpg
  • 20205 20189 Dawlish 2020_08_20_06_www.jpg
  • Colas 70812 Dawlish 2020_08_20_03_www.jpg

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