UPDATE 9 of 2012

Posted by DjI

I start this blog and update with reference to the 'Author's Choice' picture, below. It is my tribute to the LUL A60 and A62 Stock trains that finished in service at the end of September 2012. As someone born a few years before their introduction, and who grew up in Betjeman's 'Metroland', I have used these trains for commuting, business and pleasure throughout their working lives. Like that other icon of London travel, the Routemaster bus, I am sad to see them go. However, things move on, and the delivery of their replacements, the S Stock, present good photographic opportunities, particularly after dark. As an example of this, the latest update to the '2012 Pictures' gallery of this site features a couple of time exposures showing the GBRf liveried Class 20s on an S Stock delivery train. This update also features steam and diesel in Devon, an Arriva 67, some shots at London Marylebone, the first RHTT shots of 2012 and a few others.

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